Curiously Connected

Curiously Connected is…..
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  • This website, featuring a collection of ideas on creativity, curiosity, career change and more.
Why is it called Curiously Connected?

I believe that we are all connected in some way.  In recent years, as I have carved out a new path for myself, I’ve made many new and interesting friends by being curious about their ideas.  Asking about ideas, sharing ideas and helping each other to learn and grow.

If you consider yourself curious, open-minded and always open to learn, this place is for you.

Who created it?

Cath O’Brien (me).  I am a teacher, creative coach, and mindfulness facilitator.  I love curiosity, creativity, learning / sharing / testing / discussing ideas with others.

I also changed careers from a primary teacher to the above.  It’s been an interesting and humbling journey.  If you are changing or have changed career, I’d love to hear from you!

You can find out more about me here.

Can I suggest a weekly theme for the newsletter?

Of course, just email me.

Why did you pick that logo?

The logo is a circle – it has no beginning or end.  The stars on it represent the vastness of the universe.   The exploding star in the middle represents the potential that is within all of us.  And I love stargazing on a clear night  ⭐⭐